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10 January 2016 @ 07:40 pm
Gerd Ludwig | Broken Empire | After the Fall of the USSR  

At the Russian Academy of Science, Russian President Vladimir Putin stands surrounded by scientists and bodyguards

After some lighthearted folk dancing, picnickers refuel with a robust meal – and lots of vodka

Benetton megastore, A 21,000-suare-foot merchandizing giant, filled with Italian flair, replaced the state-run Natasha department store

Disinfection centers treat an increasing numbers of underprivileged sufferers of infectious diseases. Many come voluntarily, but militia also rounds up the homeless and delivers them to such centers

Following a proud tradition, a young soldier-to-be is fitted for his uniform at the Royal Cossack Cadet Academy. Established in 1883, closed by Stalin in 1933, the academy reopened its doors in 1991

Forced in former times to hide their sexual preferences, gay men can now meet openly at clubs like Moscow’s Chance

In the early 1990s, the homeless became a feature of Moscow street life. This man was evicted from his apartment by his own son, who decided he needed the space for his live-in girlfriend

New Russians – probably part of the affluent mafia crowd – honor an old tradition, Gathering to wine and dine at the grave of a deceased relative on Parent’s Day

Renowned actress Anastasia Vertynskaya ranked among the few Russians privileged to own a new car in the late 1980s

Russians flock to Vladivostok in summer months to vacation beside the Sea of Japan

View on the New Russia, A car’s windshield, held in place by coins, frames a woman dressed to kill and a roadside sign reading, the new generation chooses freedom
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uebungen1uebungen1 on January 10th, 2016 05:03 pm (UTC)
Стоит эта книга на полке 8-)
uppsssuppsss on January 11th, 2016 06:09 am (UTC)
По поводу мафии и "новых русских", уж очень памятник похож на Джабу Иоселиани.
kokoytokokoyto on January 22nd, 2016 11:19 pm (UTC)
Renowned actress Anastasia Vertynskaya ranked among the few Russians privileged to own a new car in the late 1980s-красивый цвет